Bestow Beauty Plus Oil

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil

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Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is a wonderful food for skin. It's your edible cosmetic, making your skin soft, smooth and velvety. Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is able to do this because it contains high levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), which are not onl vital for good health but also for the beauty and vitality of your skin.


We recommend you begin with Bestow Beauty Plus Oil to clear any existing  processing blockages and to address Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) deficiencies efficiently.  After one or two bottles, you can then move onto Bestow Beauty Oil.

It is fine to remain on Bestow Beauty Plus Oil indefinitely if you wish. The blackcurrant and coconut oils make the taste of the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil milder and more fruity than Bestow Beauty Oil and some people prefer it.





    Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for skin health and general wellbeing.

    Did you know that Omega 3 and Omega 6 are actually families of fats? When your body is functioning well, you only need to provide it with the primary fat and it will successfully produce all the other members of that fat family. However, ill-health and stress can cause a blockage to occur, meaning the body cannot produce all the fats which are needed for skin and body health.

    Bestow Beauty Plus Oil skirts around this blockage and supports the body to produce all the life-giving fats it needs to thrive.


    For Best Results
    Take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil every day, mixed into food.


    Organic Cold pressed flaxseed, Safflower oil, Hemp, Coconut, Evening primrose and Blackcurrent seed oils.


    The Essential Fatty Acids in the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil are sensitive to light, air and heat. This is why they have been pressed and packaged with care so you can be confident your oil is the best quality possible.

    Once you've opened the bottole, store in your refrigerator and use within six weeks. If you cannot consume it within 6 weeks you can place it in the freezer to extend its shelf life.